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Choosing the best color for your car can be a daunting task. Go dark? Go lighter? Will the color be better for Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall?

There are many considerations to make when it comes to this matter. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. At Montes Automotive we have a big selection of colors to make you choose your best option for your car, van, bike o truck.

We carry metallic colors!

Which have a sparkle to them originating from a finely ground metallic aluminum pigment in all the colors and tones that you can imagine, from blacks, to greys and everything in between. Come and check are variety in greens, blues, oranges and whites.

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How to choose the best color for your car

Ideally, the color of your car should reflect your personailty and help your visibility on the road for safety purposes. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • You can make a list of your favorite colors. Then see if those are a good fit for the year an model of your car.
  • Choose a color that will look good for the life of your car. Once you choose, you will drive that car and that color for a long time, most probably for the rest of the life of the car. So choose wisely thinking if you will feel fine with the color long term, not only now.
  • Go with white or silver if not sure. Those are the safe options. They always look clean and elegant if you don’t want to risk it with something more risky.

But don’t worry. When it comes to colors and ideas for the design of your car, we have plenty of samples, pictures and ideas to inspire you. Come and visit us!

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The automotive paint distributor with its own paint line

Montes Automotive Paint & Supplies, the number one automotive paint distributor in the region, invites all body shop owners and independent auto painters to visit any of their two locations to see all the paints, colors, and finishing products they have in inventory.

Montes Automotive Paint & Supplies has stood throughout the years as the leading company in automotive paint distributing. With its two locations, one in Pacoima and the newest one in Santa Clarita, the company is growing as a favorite for body shops and other automotive painters, primarily due to their premium products and attention they give to their clients.

Speaking of premium products, this automotive paint distributor has its own line of paints named Culture of Colors, which is made available to the most demanding professionals in the car painting industry.

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